Automated Liquid Handling for COVID-19

Rely on Hamilton for automation to scale your COVID-19 testing. We want to enable you to test as quickly and efficiently as possible using the most reliable liquid handling technology on the market. 



How Hamilton Can Help

Working Hard to Meet Demand
Hamilton is taking all steps possible to scale production of Hamilton products, while protecting our team and yours. 

Automation for CDC Authorized and FDA Cleared Testing Kits
Hamilton's liquid handling workstations, MagEx STARlet and PCR Prep STARlet, follow the guidelines set out by the United States CDC and automate the in vitro diagnostic tests cleared by the FDA. These solutions can help you implement automation to maximize throughput and control quality.

The Expertise You Need for Other Types of Testing
Even if you're not testing patients for acute infection, you can still connect with Hamilton to put together the right solution.

Icons-margin_partner We manufacture in the US and in Switzerland.

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