Automation of Biobanking Activities

Ensuring sample quality during processing and storage
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Biobanking Automation Webinar

Biobanking activities have increased dramatically in the last decades, thanks to technological advances such as next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence. In order to harmonize biobanking activities among laboratories and ensure the quality of the samples, biobanking workflows need to be standardized and scaled up. Automation allows for both, while also catering for various levels of regulatory compliance.

In this webinar, we discuss the activities performed during sample processing and storage, and we describe the benefits of automating them using Hamilton's solutions. At the end of the webinar we  present a case study, illustrating the integration of automated systems for sample processing, (de)capping and large capacity storage at -80 ºC.

Expert Panel



Gabriela Boza-Moran


Dr. Gabriela Boza-Moran
Scientific Content Manager - Hamilton Robotics

Michelle Ng-Almada400



Dr. Michelle Ng-Almada

Product Manager BiOS - Hamilton Storage


Q&A experts


Guido Meneghini400


Guido Meneghini

Vice President Robotics Direct Sales - Hamilton Robotics




Donat Elsener

Director Sales and Marketing - Hamilton Storage